How do you f**k it up and not show it?

January 10, 2024

This article is about how you can fuck everything up for no reason, just because you don’t want to change, because you don’t count with anyone, because you don’t know and don’t want to know people.

It’s about people’s relationships.

On this site for a long time information has been posted that describes the unprofessionalism, boorishness and rudeness of the owners and top management of the so-called “M.M.D. SMART group”.

In search engines this site is included in the top ten search resources and it’s on the first page together with the site of the group itself.

In other words, the entire social environment, including the owners, employees, clients and potential clients of the group have been reading about the dishonesty of the owners of the group for almost a year and making their own conclusions.

The very fact of existence of such a site shows that the owners of “M.M.D. SMART” have never been engaged in risk assessment of their actions, are not engaged and apparently are not going to be engaged.

This is what ostriches do:

The Roman philosopher Pliny the Elder said in his treatises that the ostrich partially buries itself in the ground as soon as it feels threatened.

But it is a stupid animal – it can afford it. But can the owner of a so-called “transnational company” afford it? It turns out he can.

But this is a different principle:

So the ass of the so-called “group” “M.M.D. SMART” is in that exact position right now and the owners of M.M.D. SMART don’t care at all.

The heroes of our novels, who brought the company to such a bent state, Aryeh Frenkleh, Leonid Rubanov and Vyacheslav Smotkin have no intuition at all with regard to the selection of personnel and performers.

Our Heroes decided first to resolve the situation with one of the participants of their arbitrary behavior – a former employee Mr. Gavrilov. And then with the owner of this site by attracting lawyers and attorneys. And the set of such lawyers is simply amazing.

These are both in-house lawyers and lawyers who work in the “M.M.D. SMART” group.

It is also involved Ukrainian Lawyers Association “AVER LEX” ( represented by lawyer Sergiy Nevmerzhitsky.

This includes the Bulgarian law firm Nicolov & Partners ( represented by its director and attorney Rumen Borisov Nicolov.

This is also the Bulgarian law firm Markovski Law Firm ( represented by its director and attorney Dmitry Markovski.

This is a law firm in Israel with offices in New York and Dubai, Elbert, Nazaretsky, Rakov and Co. ( represented by attorney Yuri Grinshpun.

The actions of the first two lawyers: Ukrainian Sergey Nevmerzhitsky and Bulgarian Rumen Nikolov were akin to the actions of the owners of “M.M.D. SMART”: unprofessional, boorish and inadequate. This was the basis for an appeal to the qualification commissions of the Bar in Ukraine and Bulgaria.

As a result, Nikolov and Nevmerzhytsky refused to cooperate further with the M.M.D. SMART group.

We can say almost nothing about the Bulgarian Markovski Law Firm, because it tried to start legal work, but somehow quietly moved away from the topic and went into oblivion. Most likely they also refused to cooperate.

The international Israeli law firm Elbert Nazaretsky Rakov and Co. acted very funny. It took a professional and radical approach. They tried to close this website, using the similarity of the domain names of this site and the site of the “M.M.D. SMART” group.

This kind of dispute is handled by WIPO, the World Intellectual Property Organization, based in Geneva.

So attorney Yuri Grinshpun filed a complaint with the WIPO, paying a $1.6k fee and taking, in our opinion, at least a $5k for legal work.

But either he did not have enough experience, or he did not have enough time to prepare the documents for the complaint and the complaint itself, or he just did not care, but the complaint turned out to be worthless.

And, accordingly, such a null complaint was denied.

For those who are interested, we post the decision of the WIPO Arbitration Center from 29.12.2023g. in case No. D2023-4185 “MMDSmart Ltd. v. Kate Milenskaya”. Kate Milenskaya”.

We don’t know what our heroes from “M.M.D. SMART” will do, but we already know for sure that they don’t know about people, human relations, can’t choose even elementary professional lawyers to defend their group and fuck everything up.

Therefore, the advice to potential employees, managers, clients of “M.M.D. SMART”:


…because they’ll pull you down with them.

The wonderful and wise words of the prophet and Israelite King David come to mind:

With the reverend thou shalt be reverend, and with the innocent man thou shalt be innocent, and with the chosen thou shalt be chosen, and with the stroppy thou shalt be corrupt.

The Psalm warns: watch out! With the reverend you will reach up to his level, and with the innocent and chosen you will reach up to his level. But with the stubborn you will fall to his level and become corrupt.

In modern parlance, you will be a loser and become a loser yourself.