MMD Smart’s cooperation with the Russian Federation

It’s no secret that M.M.D. Smart actively cooperated in sending SMS messages among Russian citizens before the military conflict between Russia and Ukraine began in February 2022.

M.M.D. Smart’s website officially claimed to have an office in Nizhny Novgorod:

Already in 2022, the website page was changed and the office in the Russian Federation was removed:

On the Israeli online business directory we can see the distribution of employees by country. The information on this resource is taken from official M.M.D. Smart reports.

In particular, there is information about employees of the Russian Federation, of whom there were as many as 9. At the same time, the head office in Israel consisted of 11 people. In other words, the office in the Russian Federation is essential in the business of M.M.D. Smart.

But the most interesting thing is not that M.M.D. Smart was operating on the territory of the Russian Federation before the war with Ukraine, but that the activity continues in full swing at the present time.

Дмитрий Валерьевич Тюрин

The Russian office of M.M.D. Smart is headed by Dmitry Tyurin, a citizen of the Russian Federation.

Сведения из Единого реестра РФ о Дмитрии Тюрине

The behavior of the management and owners of M.M.D. Smart can be seen as double standards and hypocrisy.

Despite the fact that there is no mention of M.M.D. Smart’s activities in the Russian Federation on its websites, the company’s employees know for sure that the activities continue.

Taking into account the specifics of M.M.D. Smart’s activities related to mass mailings of messages of various content and activation of information warfare in the Internet space, it cannot be excluded that M.M.D. Smart is an active participant of cyber warfare, and clearly not on the side of Ukraine and the civilized world.

On the one hand, there was a publication on from M.M.D. Smart employee Artem Tolstykh, who serves in the AFU and receives support from M.M.D. Smart. And this, at first glance, seems to be a very encouraging action on the part of M.M.D. Smart.

But, on the other hand, does Artem know that he receives support, among other things, from funds from the Russian Federation, which are earned from incomprehensible mailings among Russian citizens? Artem could not have been unaware of M.M.D. Smart’s activities in the Russian Federation. And if he did, why didn’t he report it to the SBU and the RNBO of Ukraine?

This should be the civic position of any Ukrainian, so that everyone in his place should oppose the possibility of assistance from the Russian Federation. And this applies first of all to the employees of M.M.D. Smart, who by the nature of their work in the company have information about cooperation with the Russian Federation.

How much such policy of double standards of M.M.D. Smart meets the sanctions policy in the world is still to be analyzed, as well as how legitimate such actions of M.M.D. Smart are. This is a question for the special services of the countries involved in the military conflict in Ukraine.

We will inform our readers about the reaction of law enforcement and special services, including financial ones, to the information presented here.

All those who are interested and have information about M.M.D. Smart’s activities in the Russian Federation are invited to provide us with any information while official appeals to the relevant authorities are being prepared.