MMD Smart Group companies

How do the owners of several companies, which are united by the presence of the word combination “M.M.D. SMART” in their names and the presence of the same owners in all companies registered in different countries of the world, position themselves?

“We started MMDSmart in 2007 with a mission to provide intelligent communications solutions to organizations of all sizes. Our initial products focused on global voice connections, but we have since expanded our product offering to include messaging, fax and chat. With headquarters in a high-tech center around Tel Aviv and offices in Hong Kong and Kiev, we are able to attract the best technical and business staff focused on providing the highest quality services to our partners and customers. We are proud that many global Tier 1 companies from over 100 countries have chosen us to fulfill their business-critical and highly sensitive communications needs. As we expand our global reach, our original mission and commitment to our customers remains the same. MMD Smart. Connect. Engage. Smile.”
Says company website

Below we give information about each individual company.

The website has information not about companies, but about offices in Israel, Hong Kong, Kiev and Sofia.

Similar information is duplicated on LinkedIn.

However, in the previous version of the group’s website, an office in Nizhny Novgorod, Russian Federation, was listed under the name M.M.D. SMART. But already in 2022, this office “disappeared”. But this does not mean that it does not work. This will be written about later.

We should also mention the trading platform through which the products are sold:

Company offices

On we can see the distribution of employees by country. In particular, there is information about employees in Hong Kong and the Russian Federation.

The owners of “M.M.D. SMART” are also involved in real estate in Israel through their companies A.M. FRENKLAKH HOLDINGS LTD and V.N.K. ASSETS LTD.


In Ukraine, M.M.D. SMART is represented by M.M.D. SMART UKRAINE, LLC.

The company was registered on 06.10.2017
IDDRPOU code 41644066
Address: 40 Ushynskogo str., 40, premises 302, office 1 (private apartment), Kiev, 03151, Ukraine, 03151.

The director of the company is Oksana Sazonova, who at the same time conducts business activities as an individual entrepreneur in Kryzhopolsky district, Vinnitsa region, Ukraine in the village Gorodkovka.

O.N. Sazonova in addition to the function of director of “M.M.D. SMART UKRAЇNA” LLC is engaged in leasing and operating her own or leased real estate in the village Gorodkovka, with a population of 6 thousand people. At the same time, she has no real estate of her own, which is confirmed by the absence of records in the state register.

The founders are Arie Frenklakh and Leonid Rubanov, both with Israeli citizenship. Later the ownership of the company was re-registered to the Israeli company M.M.D. SMART, LTD, whose owners are also Arie Frenklakh and Leonid Rubanov.


In Bulgaria “M.M.D. SMART” is represented by the Limited Liability Company “Ем.Ем.Ди Смарт” (MMDSmart Ltd, MMDSmart OOD).

The company was registered on 19.04.2022
Registration number 206910077
Address: Bulgaria, Sofia, district Sredets, Khan Krum str. 9B, floor 1

The director of the company is Vyacheslav Smotkin. But about this man you can and need to talk a lot. Read information about him in the “People” section of this website.

The founders were the same Arie Frenklakh and Leonid Rubanov with 50% shares in the company each.


In the UK, M.M.D. SMART is represented by MMDSmart Ltd.

The company was registered on 28.05.2020
Registration number 12630065
Address: 128 City Road, London, United Kingdom, EC1V 2NX
The address is nominal and there are more than 100 companies registered on it (

The directors and owners of the company are Arie Frenklakh and Leonid Rubanov.


In Singapore “M.M.D. SMART” is represented by TELWHIZ PTE. LTD.

The company was registered on 25.01.2019
Registration number 201903200N
Address: HONG LIM COMPLEX, 531A UPPER CROSS STREET, #04-95, postal code 051531.


In Israel, “M.M.D. SMART” is represented by M.M.D.SMART LTD (אם.אם.די.סמארט בע “מ).

The company was registered on 03.09.2008
Registration number 514181627
Address: 7 Motta Gur PETAH TIKVA, 4952801

The director of the company is Rubanov Leonid and the senior management is Ira Cohen, Daria Fridman, Johanna Azoulay.

Nizhny Novgorod

In the Russian Federation, M.M.D. SMART is represented by its partners. This direction is currently under investigation.