Mobbing victims

Mobbing Victim 2: Alexander Gavrilov

January 13, 2024

It was on this employee that the owners of M.M.D Smart LTD and the fixer Vyacheslav Smotkin showed themselves in full glory.

Moreover, the conflict has an international legal and criminal background, facts of extortion, harassment and legal bullying.

And most importantly, the conflict is currently in an active phase and continues to escalate.

The legal casuistry in M.M.D Smart in organizing tax evasion schemes and the lack of order and control over the contracts concluded with employees led to the fact that Alexander was simultaneously concluded contracts with all structures of M.M.D Smart. Both with M.M.D Smart LTD (Israel), MMD Smart OOD (Bulgaria), Telwhiz PTE.LTD (Singapore), and M.M.D Smart UKRAЇNA LLC (Ukraine).

Alexander worked at M.M.D Smart for several years and generally was satisfied with the working conditions and salary, as probably all employees of M.M.D Smart.

But the situation changes dramatically when a decision is made to terminate cooperation with employees. Here the boorishness, unprofessionalism, rude, shameful behavior of M.M.D Smart management has no limits or boundaries.

After the outbreak of hostilities on the territory of Ukraine, the management of M.M.D Smart offered Ukrainian employees to move to Bulgaria to a new office and continue cooperation already as a Bulgarian employee.

Alexander and his family moved to Bulgaria in December 2022 and started to settle in the new place. The labor contract with MMD Smart OOD (Bulgaria) was signed and nothing boded ill.

After working in Bulgaria for a couple of months, Alexander, without any warning, receives a message on his messenger that he is fired, he is disconnected from access to the database, and the employees of M.M.D Smart are informed that “the employee is fired due to unprofessionalism”.

At the same time, an agreement was sent via messenger, according to which Alexander had to keep silent about everything that happened to him while working for M.M.D Smart, and also undertook to return some unexplained $20,000 to the company.

Despite the fact that Arie Frenklakh always communicated with Alexander, in this case he did not even bother to explain himself, let alone thank him for his years of work. On the contrary – by spreading rumors about the Employee’s poor performance, a command was given to harass him.

Calls from different employees of the firm started with demands to sign the agreement and threats. Vyacheslav Smotkin, a professional diplomat with a gift for persuasion, distinguished himself the most.

Vyacheslav is very proud of the fact that he worked in the Embassy of Israel for 7 years and considers himself a very correct person. He takes a lot of pictures and tries to prove to people that he is a very good person.

But in his new role of HR manager of M.M.D Smart he showed himself in his full glory.

Taking into account his Donetsk origin and communication with criminal authorities of Donetsk and Dnipro, Vyacheslav decided to prove himself as a tough and uncompromising leader who could crush with his authority. Such a shabby gangster.

Smotkin personally called the Employee and began to explain to the “sucker” that he owed money, and if he did not return it, he would be deported from Bulgaria, he would have big problems, as well as his family members, and in general everything would be very bad. Vyacheslav bragged and said that even if the worker “writes” him, Vyacheslav “doesn’t give a s**t” and is ready to answer for every word and let the worker write him as he wants.

The blatant, thuggish hit-and-run tactics didn’t work, and Vyacheslav deflated.

With his behavior, Smotkin disgraced not only himself, but also the entire Israeli diplomatic service. If any employee of an Israeli diplomatic mission can afford such illegal behavior, it shows that the Israeli Foreign Ministry hires everyone indiscriminately.

Smotkin is a disgrace to Israel.

Smotkin complained to Arie and the very next day Arie decided to be the “godfather”. As in the movie, Arie made the Worker an offer he would not be able to refuse, namely Arie offered to give him the money, or else !#;”%:!#?!#?*; (there follows an untranslatable wordplay using the local dialect).

Arie promised physical violence, and information dumping on the Internet, and reputational “dirt” on the Employee’s new place of work, and that the Employee would not get a job anywhere, and deportation, and much more. Arie is not used to being argued with and contradicted, it just pisses him off.

In the language of criminal procedure in all countries of the world, this is called extortion by an organized group of persons and is a criminal offense.

Realizing that for Arya and Vyacheslav in principle there are no moral or ethical obstacles to the realization of their illegal intentions our Employee appealed to the law enforcement authorities of Bulgaria and started a series of publications on DOU.

Take it to heart – never give up and protect yourself and your loved ones.

As mentioned above, Smotkin was deflated and completely out of the game. He was summoned to the police to give explanations and mumbled something about the laptop, reviews on DOU, but he could not explain anything about the fact of extortion of money. A receipt was taken from him that he was warned against illegal behavior on the territory of Bulgaria.

Smotkin hired a lawyer, Rumen Borisov Nicolov, but again not with his own money, but with Arie’s money. The Bulgarian lawyer wrote an intimidating letter to Alexander and delivered it through a local notary with a notice of delivery of such a letter posted on the door of the house. To make it scarier.

In the letter, the attorney also demanded in boorish terms a refund, a personal apology to Smotkin, and the removal of the DOU reviews, especially those against Smotkin.

But either they were short of money for a normal lawyer or, more likely, not realizing who they were hiring, our heroes “screwed up” again. The hired lawyer went beyond his authority and grossly violated the rules of lawyer’s ethics, which was the basis for Alexander to file a complaint with the Qualification Commission of the Bulgarian Bar. 

The attorney immediately merged and a new group of attorneys emerged, the Markovski Law Firm, which is also handling the criminal extortion case at the same time.

They also tried to attack Alexander, but quietly withdrew after an official appeal.

We should mention one more, already Ukrainian model – lawyer of AVER LEX Sergiy Nevmerzhitskiy.

Sergey is busy making his own photo shoots, but pays little attention to the study of regulatory documents.

He decided to collect personal data about Oleksandr, having thought of nothing better than to request such data from Oleksandr’s lawyers.

And it is nothing that this is a gross violation of the law on personal data and the rules of lawyer’s ethics, the most important thing is to look sharp.

Now this issue is also being dealt with by the Qualification Commission of the Bar, but this time in Ukraine.

And now a fourth group of lawyers from Israel have joined in to deal with Alexander’s situation. There are so many of them, and Alexander is alone.

At the same time, Alexander sent his demands to all five M.M.D Smart companies. No response has ever been received. Our “cool heroes” are hiding and keeping a low profile.

Smotkin performs the function of a proxy – he transmits some letters of lawyers through his mail, and he does not even involve in the letters, just sends them and does not comment anything. He doesn’t answer to the return letters and doesn’t respond.

Arie wrote to the Bulgarian police that he lent money to Alexander, and that latter didn’t give it back. But at the same time he forgot to attach any proof to the story he made up as he went along.

This issue is now being dealt with by the Bulgarian court to find out who meant what when extorting money from Alexander.

A modern transnational company in the field of IT technologies should be able not only to create a website and place high-quality photos, but also to act decently in relation to both customers and employees, to comply with the laws of the country of location.

And if a company acts dishonestly with its employees and violates the laws in its place of business, it also behaves the same way towards its customers, but they do not know about it yet. Neither did Alexander know about it, nor do the current employees of M.M.D Smart. But the hour “X” will come, and everyone will be very disappointed. Both customers and employees of M.M.D Smart.

The owners and top management of M.M.D Smart will show their face: